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Chairish Coffee Table Essentials Challenge

I was recently approached by Chairish and invited to take part in their 'Coffee Table Essentials Challenge'. Asked to choose a table from their range that best fits my personal style, I selected the 'Vintage Octagon Cocktail Table'. I love its shape and simplicity. A clean palette for accessorising in a variety of styles. The coffee table is an essential piece of accent furniture in any entertaining space. Centrally located in the lounge seating area, its contents are often the focus of the room once everyone is seated.

The purpose of the challenge is to create a style board with your chosen coffee table showcasing some key essentials that everyone needs for their table. My board celebrates my love of vintage and bohemian, fitting with the eclectic style of my own home.

Vintage Octagon Cocktail Table, $486 from Chairish

What are my coffee table essentials? My Pinterest board has stacks of gorgeous items that I would love to live alongside - just don't try and fit them all on your coffee table together! Less is more. Choose a small selection you really love.

A beautiful scented candle (or two) to create a relaxing atmosphere. A cute low maintenance potted cactus or small floral display. A stack of interesting reading materials (magazines, colouring book etc) with a mood enhancing amethyst crystal atop. Group these items in an uneven number for maximum impact. Groups of 3 or 5 work best.

Place a stylish rug under your coffee table to add warmth to your room. Lastly, don't forget the essential drink coasters to keep your glass topped table clean - for when you relax on your sofa, drink in hand.

Hope you enjoy my suggestions and do check out the Chairish website, where design lovers buy and sell.
Plus, see more of their gorgeous coffee tables here!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Artists on the Trail

Andrea and Cherry went for a walk and look what they found! Join in with the Essex Summer of Art and check out the fabulous Brentwood Art Trail.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

'Remains of the Day' - NEW ethereal landscape painting

'Remains of the Day' abstract landscape painting is the latest addition to my ethereal rural landscape collection. Created in oil/mixed media on 150 x 410 mm deep edge box canvas.

Currently exhibiting in the Brentwood Art Trail at Hussey Knights.

'Remains of the Day' by Andrea Farmer

Monday, 13 June 2016

'All That Remains' - NEW ethereal landscape painting

'All That Remains' abstract landscape painting is the latest addition to my ethereal rural landscape collection. Created in oil/mixed media on 510 x 510 mm deep edge box canvas. All that remains on the sparse mountain landscape.

Purchase from my online gallery.

'All That Remains' by Andrea Farmer