Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lady Gaga, The Monster's Ball, 02, London

"The Monster's Ball will set you free, London! Tonight we're gonna be super freaks!" So begins another outrageous evening with the everso bonkers Lady Gaga. More outlandish costumes and a ton of hits turned the 02 Arena into a two hour non-stop party last night. Gaga informed her screaming crowd of 'little monsters' that she is to tour again in 2011 with the release of her new album 'Born this Way', and shared one new track from that new album entitled 'You and I'. As in February this year, she finished her set with 'Bad Romance', which is still my fave.


  1. My daughter is very jealous of your evening with lady Gaga. I have little grandaughter called Darcey and we call her lady Dada. LOL!!!

  2. Awwh, bless! It was a great night, thanks. :)