Wednesday, 26 January 2011

NEW - works on paper

'Wild at Heart', 'Once More Now', 'Wide Open Spaces' and 'Rite of Passage' are the latest additions to my works on paper collection. Created in oil and ink on 300gsm oil paper, these 250 x 175 mm artworks are supplied unframed and wrapped in cellophane for protection. These can be purchased from my online gallery.

'Wild at Heart' by Andrea Farmer
'Once More Now' by Andrea Farmer
'Wide Open Spaces' by Andrea Farmer
'Rite of Passage' by Andrea Farmer


  1. It's Inspiring how Creative you are being Andrea - well done !!!

  2. I agree, and such lovely pieces too!

  3. I think these are some of my favourite things of yours, so lovely, x

  4. Awwh, thank you all so much.

    Slightly more subdued colours than my usual work. I might try some larger paintings like these. :-)