Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hellenic sketches

Here are a few sketches created whilst in Pethkos, Greece. I have a set of watercolour pencils that travel with my sketch book on holiday. The first sketch is the sunset view from Philosophia restaurant where hubby and I had a lovely dinner one night. The second sketch is the view from our swimming pool by the Anixi Taverna. The third sketch is of some random cactus by the pool side. The fourth sketch is the view from Pethkos beach which we visited most days.

Hubby and I have seen many beautiful places in Greece over the last ten years, so I am pondering on creating a small collection of Hellenic landscape oil paintings to document this. ♥


  1. Just love these sketches. I recognise the prickly pear, as when i was in Cyprus we went out searching for one. I find them quite fasinating......

  2. Ace, I always love looking at your sketchbook work! Aren't cactus amazing?

  3. These are gorgeous, can't wait to see the oil paintings!x

  4. Thanks ladies. x

    @ Linda - I did wonder if the cactus were prickly pear, but was too scared to pick and eat one!