Saturday, 11 February 2012

'Stitch in Time' postcard

I haven't used my sewing machine for a while. My mum is an accomplished seamstress, and I grew up watching her make various clothing for the family and items for the home. Whilst I can sew fairly well and make some simple items on my sewing machine, as yet, I haven't managed to make my own clothing or anything elaborate. So I've been thinking about how to incorporate simple stitch into my land art. 

The result? 'Stitch in Time' created in ink and thread. The sewing machine needle, minus its foot, tends to whizz off and do its own thing leaving me with a rather random mark making result, which I rather like. :)


  1. lovely - i love the stitch effect with the black ink :)

  2. great new direction 4 ur work! always hard in mums shadow!!! jx

  3. Really Really love your new direction - how exciting !!!!! - thanks for your support today x