Friday, 8 June 2012

London and Louboutin

Mel and I had a fab day out in London yesterday. We started early at the V&A hoping to see the Ballgowns exhibition, but as we hadn't pre-booked our tickets, we wouldn't have been allowed into the exhibition until 2.00pm, so had to miss out. We settled for viewing the Fashion exhibits instead which showed clothes and shoes throughout the ages.

 We then nipped down to Harrods and salivated over the designer handbags before stopping for an excellent lunch at Zia Teresa:  in honour of Mel's birthday. :)

 Next stop was the Design Museum, where we had pre-booked tickets for the afternoon session to view the Christian Louboutin exhibition.  No photos, as you must not photograph or touch the shoes! I particularly liked the hologram featuring Dita Von Teese burlesque dancing and wearing Louboutin shoes (er, she did have a few clothes on too!). Shoes, shoes and more shoes.

Back out into the rain. We must have picked the worst day ever to walk around London. London Bridge and all the landmarks looked very grey, and we were very wet. Last stop was Oxford Street to meet my hubby for a drink. Was lovely to see all the flags still flying on Regent Street from the Jubilee celebrations. All in all, a grand day out! :)


  1. What a great day out you had. Its a pity it rained, but it didn't seem to have spoilt your day. Love the photos.......

  2. Hey super day out {-P to the rain!!! X J PS got your cheque ta.

  3. Thanks ladies. You just can't rely on the weather in this country! ;)