Saturday, 25 January 2014

Class of 2013, The National Centre for Craft & Design

On Saturday I visited a friend near The National Centre for Craft & Design (previously The Hub) in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. A visit to NCCD is always a must. Whilst I admired the talent on display, I again found myself questioning why Chelmsford doesn't have a permanent arts centre in its city centre. :(

NCCD is a fantastic, inspiring space with three free gallery exhibitions to visit and the fantastic shop/cafe space to enjoy. They run workshops throughout the week for adults and children. The shop is home to the very best designer/makers in craft practice today. I purchased several items including a ceramic tea light holder, a small hanging sculpture and a graphite pencil. My visit fell on changeover week, so there was only one exhibition open. But Class of 2013 contained the very best graduate work from across the UK. An amazing exhibition of fresh new talent. Awe inspiring.

We also spent time in the cafe next to the shop, chatting and soaking up the creative atmosphere. How wonderful it must be to visit NCCD regularly. It really is the perfect example of what could be achieved in Chelmsford. Discover more here:

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  1. Yes I Agree this place looks Amazing Andrea - and why not for Chelmsford