Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spring has Sprung

It has been wonderful to get out into the garden this weekend and plants some seeds in the greenhouse. The garden already had a quick tidy up a few weeks ago when we had a rare mild spell, but this weekend was the first time I was able to sort through all my packets of seeds and decide what I wanted to grow this year.

I don't have a dedicated vegetable patch as the garden is landscaped with one large flower bed running the length of the garden. So vegetable planting is done in large plastic pots. Today I have sewn onions, leeks and mixed salad leaves in large pots outside in the garden. Inside the greenhouse, I have sewn a variety of flower and vegetable seeds - sweet peas, lavatera, zinnia, aqualigia, broad beans, peas and red chilli pepper. There will be plenty to tend to over the coming weeks and I have further seeds to plant as the year continues.

I have two large pots of brocoli growing in the greenhouse from last year. These can be placed outside in the garden soon. Also, the spring bulbs that I planted in the flower bed and in teracotta pots in the garden last year are now sprouting. I always find this a welcoming sign that winter is over and spring has finally sprung!

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