Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Glazed Look, Chelmsford

Lots of fun at The Glazed Look on Friday night, a pottery painting studio in Chelmsford, Essex. You can paint all sorts of pottery blanks with the paints provided - jugs, mugs, bowls, plates, ornaments, trinket boxes, money banks, decorations, the list is endless. I decided on a hanging heart decoration, penguin Christmas decoration and small jug which I adorned with Emma Bridgewater inspired spots.

You can order in pizza, take your own snacks/drinks or order from the pottery cafe. I was there to celebrate a friends birthday, and as we had already eaten at the fantastic Zen Noodle Bar earlier in the evening, we just settled for a coffee each and concentrating on our painting. Once you have painted your items and paid, they are fired in the kiln and collected a week later. So I am now hoping that my three items survive the oh so hot kiln. Fingers crossed.


  1. looks Fun !!! Lovely to meet up with you at last too !!! essexgirl summer bloggers -Arty Beano - for sure.

  2. Oh wow! That sounds and looks like a great night!