Sunday, 17 July 2011

Commission WIP

Recently, I sold the painting 'The Land Beyond'. The buyer phoned me a few weeks later to say how much she loved the painting plus could she commission two more paintings to hang alongside the original, making a triptych. The challenge here lies in getting the mark making and shades of green the same as the original, so the buyer agreed to send 'The Land Beyond' back to me for this purpose. Above, you can see how this commission is progressing.

I've also got some new ethereal and coastal paintings in progress, which are earmarked for Chelmsford Arts Trail and Essex Record Office exhibitions. I will share these soon.


  1. That's great - looks like you've got the measure of the colours and mark making to me! Spot on! Lovely paintings, too.

  2. so technical !!! and Amazing and inspiring !!!

  3. Thank you. I always get a tad nervous with commissions. I suppose most artists do!