Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Essex Record Office Exhibition

Here are some photos from my Expressive Abstract and Ethereal Landscape exhibition, which was installed at Essex Record Office last night. Sorry for the badly lit photos, but we didn't finish putting the exhibition in place until 8.30pm so there wasn't any natural light left. It took just over 3 hours for hubby and I to hang as the paintings needed to be screwed into the display boards. I'm pleased with the results though. The exhibition is open throughout September and October, so please do pop down and take a look if you are in the area.


  1. Gorgeous! I can't get enough of your landscapes. Good luck with the show!

  2. What an Amazing Exhibition - so much work - and 3 hours of hanging !!! I will so go and have a look !!! Well Done You !

  3. Looks great Andrea! Will definitely go and see it at the weekend! Lovely to see you today (hope I didn't make you late for work!)xx

  4. Love the exhibition...... I am hoping to see it some time next week.

    I attended my first art class today and guess what i did!! I painted CLOUDS....I never thought clouds could be so exciting to paint. I think i am going to enjoy my weekly art sessions......xx

  5. Thank you all very much. x

    Was lovely to see you too Georgia! :)

    Linda, that sounds very exciting. Hope to see some results on your blog. x