Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Upcycled wine box shelves

I had been thinking what to do with two wooden wine boxes that had been in our shed for ages. Inspired by projects on Pinterest, I decided to make them into storage shelves for my vintage pomander collection.



Firstly I removed the covers and rope handles from both boxes. Then I painted the boxes in a lovely lime green emulsion. Wilkinsons tester pot, shade 'Apple Crush'. Once dry, I took some vintage wallpaper scraps purchased from Etsy and collaged them onto the boxes with some PVA glue. When the glue was dry, a layer of varnish was added to the collaged areas. Two hooks were then fixed to the reverse of each box for hanging. The larger box had a wooden divider which, once painted and fixed in place, became an additional shelf.

I fixed the finished shelves to the wall with rawl plugs and screws, however, I wouldn't advise loading them up with anything of a great weight. Small knick knacks, ornaments, that type of thing. This project took around two hours to complete, not including drying time.

I adore the vintage wallpaper scraps and will be using the pieces I have left on two more craft projects. More soon.

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