Monday, 17 May 2010

Rogue Gene Exhibition at Cookham

A fabulous weekend was spent in Cookham, socialising and exhibiting with other Rogue Gene artists and their partners. Saturday night was dinner and drinks in the Swan Uppers pub in Cookham. Sunday was the exhibition at Pinder Hall, organised by Amanda Hunt.

 It was great to see Amanda and her husband Mark again plus Rob Kirbyson. I was particularly excited to meet Helen 'Aitch' Davison (plus hubby Keith) and Kosana Marton for the first time though. Despite us having been members of Rogue Gene since 2006, I hadn't met Aitch or Kos in person until this weekend. We all got along famously and a had a good laugh over the weekend.

Below are my paintings and the Collaboration Project.


  1. Andrea, your photos look ace - I may ask to borrow the one you took of my little boxes as my camera was playing up and I couldn't get one of them in the end!

  2. Cheers me dear! Yes, any photos you want are all yours. ;)