Saturday, 4 September 2010

'Cheese Plant' revisited

'Cheese Plant' by Andrea Farmer
I have been re-photographing some older artworks today and uploading the images to my websites. Amongst them was 'Cheese Plant' created in 2008. I've also been sorting through all my paintings, checking their condition and their wrapping before re-storing them. It was a good time for a general sort out whilst I was wrapping my paintings for the Chelmsford Arts Trail.

I'd forgotten how much I like the painting 'Cheese Plant' - it was based on some old pastel drawings from my college portfolio. I think anyone who has attended art college or a still life drawing course has created a Cheese Plant drawing at some point. The shapely leaves and general composition make for a favourable subject matter. The painting above is created in oil and gold leaf on a 420 x 520 mm box canvas. You can purchase any of my paintings from my online gallery.

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